My top 5 favorite places to shop for my client closet | Styling your clients

You have the perfect family. Perfect sunset. Perfect location. Now you just need the perfect outfits. But where do you get these? Where do you send them to shop? This a list of my favorite places to shop for outfits.



Forever 21 has been forever good to me. The dresses are cheap, and extremely boho. The website can be quite overwhelming as they have thousands upon thousands of items. I normally type in “maxi dress” or “boho dress” in the search bar and I get tons of amazing options. A few of them even have “Free People” vibes at a fraction of the price. This is great because then I worry a lot less about them getting ruined at a session.


If I could only choose one place to shop for the rest of life it would be Free People. Their clothing is amazing. It is pricier, but worth it my opinion. Most of their dresses aren’t maternity but because of the boho fits, they will fit your client before/after/during pregnancy. The quality is amazing.


A must have in your closet. If you invest in anything this year – make it a Reclamation gown. They are so gorgeous, and versatile. Your client will feel like a goddess. They are also VERY flattering, and maternity friendly. I know they are a big investment but you can rent it out, or charge your clients a small cleaning fee. I charge my clients $25.00 for use.



Not only do they sell adorable vintage inspired outfits for girls, but they sell them for boys too! You will LOVE this shop. They are based in Australia so make sure you order some pieces in advance. The quality is outstanding, and most pieces can be sold later for more money than what you paid. They offer an array of tones from neutrals, to pastels to match any location or family session vibe.


If you have never shopped at Spell this my official warning to not even visit the website. You will fall in love. You will go broke. It’s addicting. Their clothing is absolutely beautiful. You can sell your pieces later for around the same price you bought them for – as a lot of their items become collectibles.

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